NumNum Pre-Spoon GooTensils

Finding the right products for self-feeding is key to lessening the anxiety a child and caregiver face around mealtimes and is essential to a child’s eating development. One product our families have found widespread success with is the Num Num Pre-Spoon GOOtensils ™,...

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Tripp Trapp Chair

You may notice a theme between the first few products listed on our Favorite Products page- we are big fans of products that are designed to transition with your child as they grow and develop, resulting in less clutter and less money spent, while your child benefits...

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Feeding Matters

Click here to learn more about Feeding Matters, a non-profit organization whose mission is as follows: We are furthering advances in pediatric feeding disorders by accelerating identification, igniting research, and promoting collaborative care for children and...

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New Visions

New Visions is the website of Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D., a speech-language pathologist and pioneer in the feeding world. Suzanne has several information papers on a variety of topics, including learning, feeding, and sensorimotor development.

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Baby Self-Feeding

Baby Self-Feeding is a great parent- and professional-friendly book that provides ideas to help children love to eat and explore new foods. It gives suggestions regarding which foods to serve your child and how to change those foods over time to support...

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The Ellyn Satter Institute

Ellyn Satter is an internationally recognized authority on eating and feeding. She created the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model and the Satter Eating Competence Model and is active in research testing the models as well as helping professional and parents apply them....

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Melanie Potock is a speech-language pathologist who is a prolific writer, speaker, and blogger. Her website is a wealth of knowledge regarding how to manage a myriad of feeding concerns. Check out her facebook group called Adventures in Veggieland, which is a group of...

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