Feeding challenges affect the entire family. When children struggle to eat as expected, stress, fear, and anxiety disrupt a family’s ability to share joyful mealtimes and support a child’s growth.

Your donation allows us to continue our mission of supporting families of children with a pediatric feeding disorder.  With your donation we can: 

  • Expand our free parent support groups 
  • Provide accessible, low-cost workshops for therapists and parents who want to learn more about responsive feeding therapy
  • Advocate for better care for children with PFD and their families in our community and around the world

The Chicago Feeding Group is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of parents, students, and professionals. We work to raise awareness so children with a pediatric feeding disorder can get help sooner, have access to therapy and other supportive services, including through the IL Early Intervention program, and so medical providers understand the critical need to focus on building stronger relationships between parents and children through family-centered care.