NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils

Finding the right products for self-feeding is key to lessening the anxiety a child and caregiver face around mealtimes and is essential to a child’s eating development. One product our families have found widespread success with is the Num Num Pre-Spoon GOOtensils ™, the #1 doctor recommended baby led weaning spoon. 

The Num Num Dips baby spoon set is suitable for ages 6 months to 18 months and designed to make the transition to self-feeding less stressful as a child learns to use utensils. The spoon set is designed to be used in two stages; the first stage spoon features a dimpled head to pick up a smaller amount of thinner first foods as your child adjusts to self-feeding. Once your child feels confident with the first stage spoon they can progress to the second stage spoon featuring a channeled head, which allows your child to pick up and hold onto a larger amount of thicker first foods.

We love that the innovative flat head requires no scooping or balancing to pick up food, and makes it so there is no wrong way for your child to hold the spoon as they dip and eat. Thicker contoured handles are sized appropriately for a baby’s hand and allow your child to have more control maneuvering the spoon.  The soft texture of the spoon also doubles as a teether to soothe your child’s sore gums. We have noticed a vast improvement in the amount of time it takes a child to learn the mechanics of self-feeding using the Num Num Dips versus other weaning spoons with far less mess, to the delight of the child’s parents!

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